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Vol. 9, Jan-Dec 2023

The Image of the Crow in Ted Hughes’ Poetry

Haider Jaber Husain 23/01/2023 Page: 001-006

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One of the most widely read poets in England after World War II, Ted Hughes (1930–1998) constantly engaged in a discourse with the literary, party–political, spiritual, and intellectual traditions. Hughes' poetry addresses the most pressing issues of contemporary living in a world torn apart by a series of tedious and "big" wars while fusing scientific monitoring with artistic imagination. The recurring themes in the poem "Crow" are undoubtedly influenced by his interests in mythology and folklore, Sufism, and Indian mystic philosophy throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Interestingly, Hughes chose the Crow as his special symbol. In folk mythology, the crow is an animal figure associated with the dual concepts of mortality and guilt. Therefore, the goal of this study is to make explicit some hidden meanings included in the poem "Crow."

Effective E-Learning Integration with Traditional Learning in a Blended Learning Environment

Khansa Hassan Al-Bahadli 26/02/2023 Page: 007-016

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In higher education and the workplace, e-learning is a new tool that leverages cutting-edge technology to give training and development. The Internet and the enormous prospects in global education have helped it grow quickly. This study's objective is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of e-learning when combined with conventional instruction in a blended learning setting. The study will compare a blended learning environment against a strictly electronic learning environment. The report will also offer guidelines for a mixed learning environment that all three of the primary stakeholders—students, teachers, and institutions—can use to decide strategically on learning and teaching activities. The paper comes to the conclusion that approaches to blended learning provide the most adaptable and scalable path to e-learning.

Assessment of Knowledge Regarding First Aid Among the Anganwadi Workers in the Rural Areas of South Mangalore Taluk: A Cross-Sectional Study

Fathima Arfa, Amrut R H 13/05/2023 Page: 017-022

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The Anganwadi Workers are responsible for providing informal Pre-school education to children between the age groups of 3-6 years of age, with this group of individuals being more prone to injuries due to their risk taking behaviour and curious nature. The purpose of this study is to therefore assess whether the knowledge pertaining to First-Aid is adequate enough among the Anganwadi Workers in the rural areas of South Mangaluru Taluk.

Analyzing the Difficulties Faced by Iraqi EFL Leaners in Using Argumentative Essays

Abdullah Najim Abd 16/06/2023 Page: 023-034

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An argumentative essay persuades the reader of a particular point of view by providing factual facts and logical arguments. Argumentative essays focus heavily on hard evidence, citing various research and sources to demonstrate why their position is the best. While many sorts of essays seek to persuade the reader to believe a particular point of view. The present study tackles the argument structures in Iraqi EFL Opening College students’ argumentative essays. It also looks at how evidence is generally used to substantiate claims. It was discovered that the fundamental structural components used by Iraqi EFL students in their argumentative essays were claims and data. You are worth the top fake watches UK with high quality!
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Feminist Trends of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

Dr. Murtadha Adel Bader 16/06/2023 Page: 035-041

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The 19th century is one in every of the maximum critical length in British history, it's been a century of modifications for girls, Follow the 20th century through doing so. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, The improvement of literature in addition to society and the placement of girls in terms of it men. However, it turned into the suffrage motion that began out this revolution equality among guy and female. The feminist motion advanced as a motion Significantly over the centuries, the phrase feminist can nevertheless be known as it's far The bad that means of a few girls in Britain has because started to combat for his or her rights and independence At the start of the 19th century the aim turned into to have the identical possibility for education, Occupation and existence as men. The idea of unbiased girls has changed Through the centuries also, from a female who turned into supposed to be a spouse and mother, And the keeper of the house, extra precisely, as Martin Luther claimed: “Women must Staying at home, sitting, retaining the house, having children, elevating children. female, or in The least of that's to be a gentle, polite, and joyful accomplice in existence and honor Home décor has a tendency to be delicate, so it's far in particular creativity, To deliver delivery and be pleasure, pleasure and comfort for his or her husbands, " for a female Who does not even want a person to locate her happiness and may be her vocation Jane Eyre by using Charlotte Bronte the Genre of this novel is Gothic Bildungsroman Romance The novel that touches on many features and aspects of existence such as humor, romance and even mystery, which makes this novel unique and one of a kind even after its booklet over many decades This basic novel is one of Charlotte Bronte's pleasant books that follows the stunning ride of its heroine, Jane Eyre, who lives a hard existence in the home of Aunt Reed. Despite all that, she stands out with strength, integrity and excessive spirits. The story then continues with her assumption of the role of nanny, accompanied by way of falling in love with Mr. Rochester. This is observed by a collection of twists and turns, which hold readers hooked on this traditional story.

The Effect of Body Language on Oral Comprehension of Iraqi EFL University Learners

Dr. Ali Abdul Mohsin Al-Hajmee 17/06/2023 Page: 042-054

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Due to the growth of technology and the spread of contact among people throughout the globe, the desire to study a foreign language has become a requirement and an urgent for most individuals, especially in Arab nations. Hence, research for new approaches and ways to aid in teaching and learning English has expanded all across all levels of English teachers and learners as well. One of these current updated approaches that may be employed effectively and competently in teaching English is the non-verbal communication or what is called body language. Body language has evolved into a novel and effective approach of teaching English as a foreign language, which English instructors should take note of. It plays a crucial role in fostering good classroom interaction between EFL students and their teachers. Depending on the interaction established in the classroom, it will be advantageous for both teachers and students. It can explain the objective of the speaker (a teacher or a student) more precisely and efficiently, simplify the educational process, and pique the students' curiosity.

Performance Appraisal Techniques Followed by Small-Scale Units in Pune

Sapte Anita Shripatrao, Dr Sujay Madhukar Khadilkar 17/06/2023 Page: 055-059

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India is renowned for its social and historical past. India is wealthier in many ways, which is why several nations have conquered it and dominated it for many years. Every time, it overcomes its challenges and emerges from extinction to reclaim its place. Almost 200 years of Great Britain's dominance over our country saw them steal our riches. The path to our Freedom was built by the steadfast and unrelenting efforts of our heroes. After gaining independence, the Indian government has taken various actions to rebuild our economy, and one of those initiatives is the development of the small-scale industry. After more than 60 years of independence, India now confronts fresher challenges in every industry. Among the numerous is the small-scale sector. The Small-Scale Sector faces several issues as a result of its nature. Both the Central and State Governments then, as well as presently, offer several subsidies, assistances, and tax reductions to counteract the challenges. The Small-Scale Sector is given consideration, although it nonetheless encounters challenging circumstances. Notwithstanding these issues, the SSI Sector also benefits from several potential characteristics. Yet, the severity of the issues and the opportunities varies from sector to industry. This study project aims to understand the current issues that SSIs are facing as well as the potential outcomes from the viewpoint of the SSI Units.

Critical Discourse Analysis to the Ideology of Resistance in Rusmini’s Tempurung Novel

Abbas Fadhil Jabbar 01/07/2023 Page: 060-068

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This research aims to find, describe, interpret, and explain the ideology of women against the domination of patriarchy, myths and customs in Oka Rusmini's Tempurung novel. The approach used in this research is descriptive qualitative. This study uses critical discourse analysis as a blade of analysis. The data source in this study is the Tempurung novel by Oka Rusmini, published by PT. Gramedia Widiasarana Indonesia in 2017. The steps taken in data collection are as follows: read over and over the whole novel to understand its contents completely, record important words, sentences, or data related to the problem under study, record and collect relevant theories related to research, conduct research based on existing theories, and draw conclusions. The steps in data processing are as follows: data description, data classification, data analysis, data interpretation, and evaluation. The data analysis techniques used were: processing and presenting data, reading the entire data, coding the data and descriptions, interpreting and explaining the data. The findings in this study are that the Tempurung novel is a reflection of the ideology of women's resistance to the patriarchal system, the ideology of fighting against myths created by patriarchy, and the ideology of resistance to tradition. The resistance is done to obtain equality in their rights and obligations, so that women can get freedom like men. The female characters in the Tempurung novel fight against the domination of patriarchy, myths, and their own cultural customs in order to realize equal rights between men and women.

Ambiguity in English Joke: A Pragmatic Perspective

Abdullah Najim Abd Al Khanaifsawy 01/07/2023 Page: 069-074

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It can be easily observed that the joke is the most obvious humorous genre appearing in people’s daily life in English-speaking countries. The joke in these countries can be called the English joke, which is a typical western culture. In the English joke, the humorous words or remarks are frequently employed by those who have the ability to make use of language flexibly. Pragmatic ambiguity exists in the English joke and performs functions on it. This paper analyzes what functions pragmatic ambiguity performs on the English joke and what effects can achieve by means of pragmatic ambiguity. Humorous language, as the main form to express humor, is popular in our life. In humorous language, ambiguity and puns are important devices to create humor. They also play active roles in helping people to achieve positive communication effects, which make them have distinctive pragmatic characteristics. This research paper analyzes the pragmatic characteristics of ambiguity and puns in English humor. First, it introduces the definition and classification of ambiguity and puns, then thoroughly studies the pragmatic features reflected in English humor such as the Deixis, the Presupposition, the Cooperative Principle and the Relevance theory. Shop around. The best Swiss iwc fake watches UK with high quality are here. Read more details if you want.
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The Impact of Audit Team Norms on Auditor Independence

Nadhum Sami Musheer 01/07/2023 Page: 075-083

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The aspects of ethical behavior and the need to work with business ethics are not related to specific societies but rather have become a vital issue for business organizations in developing and developed countries. The concept of ethics is linked to many subjects, organizational tasks, materials, and human resources such as management, employees, work, leadership and managers. It guides and promotes good behavior, and this concept has become important for the job of the company, which is confirmed by its management because it is a self-censorship of the individual because the individual can distinguish between his right behavior and the wrong one during the work. Lawmakers have enacted laws and standards to improve the ethical conduct among auditors. However, unethical codes among auditors still happen. Audit standards require auditors to understand independence risks and to take measures to avoid contact with these risks. The suggested reason behind constrained auditor independence has been devoted to auditors' financial incentives and long audit tenure. Regulators propose auditor rotation against constrained auditor judgment induced by the auditor-client relationship. Recent researches have challenged those assumptions and questioned the potency of auditor rotation to counteract short-tenure risks to auditor independence. This study examines whether audit team norms improve the objectivity of auditor judgment. A cross-sectional design was adopted and responses from Iraqi auditors were analyzed statistically. The findings indicate that audit team norms are associated with improved auditor independence.

Pre- and Post-Colonial Malaysian Community in Samad Said’s Salina

Abeer Ali Dinar 01/07/2023 Page: 084-092

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Literature has a historical base and literary works are not the products of a single consciousness but by countless social and cultural forces. In order to understand literature, one has to take recourse to both culture and society that gave rise to it in the first place. The process of commemorating the history and deciphering memory in fiction gives a colossal territory of talk in the literary field. The aim of this paper is to examine post-colonization as depicted in Salina, a verifiable fiction of the 21st century which appropriates the historical backdrop of colonisation in Malaya. Despite the ambitious content, Samad Said had never burrowed deep enough into his characters, or far enough into the social complexity of the times and the historical aspect which hinder readers from different social background to comprehend the story. This study will examine the pre and post-colonial community to unwind the significance of the content by considering the work within the framework of prevailing ideas and assumptions in its historical era. With respect to these relations, in this study textuality, intertextuality, historicity and contextuality have been attempted to be put forth to interpret the connection between these writings and author history which they were composed. In this exploration, I will likewise utilize this masterpiece to highlight the ways in which the history colonisers in Malaya are being represented through the lens of social memory to show how a contemporary Malaysian writer still remembers afresh the traumatic memory of our war in our history.

The Concepts of Sin and Crime in Dostoevsky's Works

Afrah Sofi Abdel Hussein, Tayseer Sabbar Kadhim Al Hamad 02/07/2023 Page: 093-097

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This research aims to study the different concepts of sin and crime in Dostoevsky's works. Throughout the paper the nineteenth-century Russia will be examined and the disaster that gave people and influence to fight over the government and the eighteenth-century significance and how Russia had to deal with the need to change the autocracy and serfdom institutions that were the foundations of its way of life at the end of the eighteenth century and in the early nineteenth century. Moreover, Dostoevsky's literary achievements are discussed and how he was a great Russian writer and respected globally for his writings. Dostoyevsky specialized in the examination of the feelings of humiliation, self-destruction, despotic dominance, and deadly wrath as well as the investigation of abnormal mental states that result in insanity, murder, and suicide. Lastly, an examination will be given on the differences between sin and crime, the importance of distinguishing between these terms, Dostoevsky's doctrine on sin, and a portrayal will be given on his literary works.

Communicative Language Teaching in Iraq and its Effect on High School Students Level of Language Proficiency: Theory and Application

Dr. Ali Abdul Mohsin Al-Hajmee 02/07/2023 Page: 098-102

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The major method of educating the country is through education. Along with the fast advancement of science and technology, education's role has been elevated. Education is not just a means to an end, but a critical component in achieving national progress. As a result, the quality of education must be continually enhanced in order to serve its intended purpose. Students' success is directly linked to the quality of education's key activities. The primary objective of raising educational standards is to enhance the caliber of the knowledge that students get because of their studies. Students' learning outcomes are a reflection of the information, skills, and attitudes gained by students because of their participation in the educational process. As a result, the pupils' accomplishments demonstrate this. As a result, raising student accomplishment necessitates increasing educational quality. For more detailed information about best quality audemars piguet fake watches UK, you can browse this website.
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The Theme of War in Some Selected English Poems

Dr. Murthadha Adel Bader 02/07/2023 Page: 103-111

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Throughout history, humanity has been subjected to a slew of disasters, with World War I being one of the bloodiest. Millions of people died while fighting the good fight, believing they were taking part in a "war to end all wars." As history demonstrates, this was not the case. Many soldiers died in battles that were unnecessary. These battles occurred either to demonstrate a nation's strength or as a result of a feud over a few centimeters of land. For years to come, the entire world would be devastated. However, there appears to be a silver lining in this disaster. This tragic event gave birth to a new type of poetry that the world had not seen before. The face of literature as we know it was altered by war poetry. To be more specific, the poets of this era introduced us to a completely new interpretation of the term "war." Many authors contributed to this, including Sassoon, Brooke, Owen, Rosenberg, and many others. (Bloom, 2002, p:11)

Depiction of Social Discrimination in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Dr. Murthadha Adel Bader 02/07/2023 Page: 112-117

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This paper aimed at giving some certain information about the transitory African American community and the literature of the nineteenth century. And then the Toni Morrison’s life, career and it's reflection of racism, discrimination and social issues. later, the fate of the black people at the time of Toni Morrison in the United State of America are mentioned through the novel "The Bluest Eye″. Even it aimed at giving some certain information about the oppression of the black race in Toni Morrison's community. Moreover, it includes the problem of the study through the investigating the suffering of the black women in civilized country " America ", they were suffered for their skin color and their gender caused them being double marginalized, they were forced to grant their bodies to their owners. Finally, this paper aims to explore the victimization of black females, racial discrimination, motherhood oppression, silence by white society.

Principals’ Roles on School Performance Effectiveness

Hayder Hakim Abd Al-Khadhim 02/07/2023 Page: 118-122

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This paper was about analyses of the principals’ effectiveness on school performance and how principals play a major role to make the school do well in terms of academic results. Furthermore, the paper discussed why it is importance to have good leaders (principals) in schools who are able to contribute to the school effectiveness in terms of school performance. The mixed method was employed in this study as both descriptive and statistical data were used. In addition, the study included 30 participants who comprised of both principals and teachers. The results revealed that majority of teachers disagreed that their principals are not highly effective while some principals seem not to be well acquainted with the knowledge of effectiveness of principals’ roles.

Iraqi EFL Teachers' Critical Thinking and the Quality of their Performance: Methodological Perspective

Hayder Hakim Abd Al-Khadhim, Ahmed Mashaan Flaifel 02/07/2023 Page: 123-129

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In the face of too much incoming information and too many people trying to convince us in today’s world, the ability to think critically gains an ever greater saliency as a prime goal of student and teacher education. The present study aimed at substantiating the relationship between EFL teachers’ critical thinking ability and their performance. For the purpose of the study, the sample included 53 Iraqi EFL teachers all of them were chosen from among different schools in Baghdad. Two instruments were used including Honey‘s Critical Thinking Questionnaire, and Job performance questionnaire. The questionnaires were scored and analyzed by SPSS software. As the design of the study, it was ex post fact correlation alone; therefore, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient was run in order to determine the relationship between two variables. The findings indicated significant, positive correlations between teachers’ critical thinking ability and their performance.

A Dramatic Study of Violence in Edward Bond’s Saved

Dr. Hassan Qanood Jabir 03/07/2023 Page: 130-139

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The present research entitled “A Literary Study of violence in Edward Bond’s Saved”. It aims to explain how literary skills had Edward Bond uses in his play “Saved” to reflect the violence. Also, it investigates the dramatic devices have been utilized to show to explain the literary images of “Saved”. The present research is based on the hypothesis that the most of the readers are not fully away about how technically the novelist Edward uses the image of vigilance in his “Saved”. The researcher has reached to many conclusions, the main of which is that Bond’s theatre created a controversy in the 1960s that is still on-going to the present day. The use of violence in Saved was not meant for violence itself, it was rather a technique which is in itself a fact from real life. In depicting violence in this way, Bond draws the attention to this phenomenon which has almost controlled and governed our entire life. If writers are not allowed to write about violence, Bond says, and then this phenomenon would pass by unresolved. The stoning scene in Saved evoke a reaction in the audience which signifies how this audience reacts towards violence in real life situations. Top breitling replica watches UK online with practical functions for female and male watch wearers.
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The Academic Development in Geography and its Relationship with Geographical Education

Jinan Shihab Hamid 03/07/2023 Page: 140-147

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For over 30 years, the Southeast Asian Geography Association (SEAGA) has provided a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge, research findings, and ideas among academics, policymakers, and educators from Southeast Asia and those working on Southeast Asia. Using Marsden’s (1989) notion of the politicization of geography by significant power groups, this article describes a critical narrative of the key trends, themes, and topics defining scholarly discourse in the community of SEAGA and its potential impact on school geography in the region. For each of the three decades (1990-1999, 2000-2009, and 2010-2019), the authors analyzed significant themes and issues for each period. Employing purposive sampling of conference proceedings and topics presented between 1990 and 2017, the authors found the following trends over the years: i) the pluralization and diversification of themes and topics; ii) an increasing interest for cross-thematic studies, and iii) a greater emphasis on sustainability and environmental issues in recent years. Based on these observations, the authors acknowledge that the evolution of discourses in SEAGA conferences is also a part of broader thematic shifts in international publications such as the Journal of Geography and has a direct bearing on changes in the geography curriculum in schools in other places around the world. In addition, there is a natural confluence of academic geographers and geography educators in the region in discoursing topics that matter to Southeast Asia.250 words maximum.

Investigating the Difficulties Faced by Iraqi Sixth Preparatory Stages in Using English Language

Mohammed Riyath Manfi 03/07/2023 Page: 148-160

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The present study is a pragmatic attempt to for investigating the challenges encountered by Iraqi sixth preparatory students in using the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). The reason behind choosing sixth preparatory students as a sample of the study is that they are the most advanced students among the preparatory stages. Generally, Iraqi sixth preparatory students suffer a great deal from English language curricula and that is negatively reflected throughout their examinations scores. This negative implication is related to the fact that their linguistic competence is very poor at reading, writing, speaking and listening levels on which the English textbook for the preparatory stages is based. The present study aims at investigating the difficulties that Iraqi sixth preparatory students may face in writing compositions, reading passages, speaking and pronouncing certain problematic vocabularies, and listening to some audio conversations. The research also aims at suggesting some possible solutions to the students in learning the four language skills mentioned. The study is hoped to be of special importance to the Iraqi sixth preparatory stage students for improving their language skills in term of reading, writing, speaking and listening since their curricula is based on these four language-teaching skills. Moreover, the study is hoped to be of special importance to the textbook and curricula designers to include language materials that fit the level of the learners and lead to linguistic progress in term of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The study is based on a diagnostic test to measure the difficulties of the learners at the four-language skills learning. This diagnostic test is essentially classified into productive and recognitive parts. The productive part is designed to measure the students’ ability in writing short requested compositions, reading certain given passages from their Student Textbook, and responding orally to certain short given (written) conversations. Whereas the recognitive part is designed to measure the students’ ability in comprehending short read passages, i.e., the students are requested to tick the correct options, complete certain required options, or to choose the proper choice that best matches the item(s) employed in the passage. The researchers have relied on statistical methods for analyzing the study sample responses for accurate results and a proper hypothesis testing. The research ends up with some important recommendations and suggestions for further studies.

Toni Morrison’s Literary Employment of Ideal Beauty “The Bluest Eye”

Wissam Theyab Abid 03/07/2023 Page: 161-167

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In The Bluest Eye (1970), the American-African writer, Toni Morrison explores how Western standards of ideal beauty are created and propagated with and among the black community. The novel not only portrays the lives of those whose dark skinned and Negroid features blight their lives; it also shows how the standard of white beauty, when imposed on black youth, can drastically damage one’s self-love and esteem which usually occurs when beauty goes unrecognized. Morrison in these novel focuses on the damage that the black women characters suffer through the construction of femininity in a racialized society where whiteness is used as a standard of beauty.

Integration Between Language and Literature Over Teaching of Foreign Languages

Dr. Bushra Ni’ma Rashid 04/07/2023 Page: 168-178

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Over the past century, psychological, linguistic, political, and pedagogical views obtained from "a mixture of assertion, theory, observation, and experiment" have influenced the adoption of newer teaching ideas in language education. Literature has been considered as a significant tool in foreign language instruction over the last few decades. It is an essential component of language acquisition and education. However, there are some challenges in integrating literature and language. The first challenge is the lack of appropriate pedagogical tools for instructing language using literature. The second challenge is insufficient literary preparation for teaching language. Lack of enough objectives to identify the importance of literature in learning language is the third issue. Several academics have attempted to incorporate literature in teaching language, but they are unable to completely achieve their objectives due to the inexperience in respective field. As a result, to bridge research gaps, we are combining language and literature by defining the purpose of language education depending on the expectations of learners and desires. Second, we must select an appropriate language teaching strategy. Third, we need to choose literary materials that are related to the educational objectives. Finally, the teaching effectiveness can be analyzed using the statistical Likert scale. The performance effectiveness of the suggested methodology from the results confirmed that the literary works assist the students in improving their linguistic abilities, as well as their creativity and emotional development.

A Study on Human Resource Information System

Raima Rehani 12/07/2023 Page: 179-182

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This paper constitutes an extensive and comprehensive review of the existing literature concerning Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). The primary focus lies on understanding the multifaceted landscape of HRIS, encompassing its utilization, advantages, hurdles, and implications within organizational contexts. The investigation undertaken within this study not only traverses the historical development of HRIS but also critically examines its fundamental attributes and functionalities. Moreover, a thorough exploration is conducted to elucidate the profound influence exerted by HRIS across diverse HR functions. Cheap UK fake rolex watches with Swiss movements are worth having.
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Attitudes of Professional Users of English Towards French-Induced Lexemes in Cameroon English

Jespa Siri Duala, Samuel Ngwa Atechi 17/10/2023 Page: 183-189

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Lexemes are quite central in language contact situations and scholars agree that lexical innovation constitutes one of the most important and creative sources of language growth. This study investigates the attitudes of professional users of English towards the incorporation of French-induced lexemes in the word-stock of Cameroon English. The theoretical framework adopted for this study is Kachru’s (1985) World Englishes Paradigm. Kachru’s Three Concentric Circles Model on varieties of English and the spread of English around the globe is of value for informing how to understand that the English Language is a global language with numerous native and non-native varieties, each of which presents specific features that make it distinct from other varieties. A total of 200 participants were selected for this study using simple random sampling. We collected data using questionnaire and interview techniques. Microsoft Excel 365 was used to analyze quantitative variables while a narrative analysis was done for qualitative data. Findings reveal that attitudes towards the consideration of deviant patterns or usages in Cameroon English tend to vary significantly with deeply rooted arguments at every point. You can buy 2023 best omega super clone watches UK from the shop online.
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Writing Strategies and Thematic Progression in Some Undergraduate Students’ Essays: The Case of Level II Students of the Bilingual Department

Josué-Baruch SAPA BASSONG III 29/10/2023 Page: 190-198

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The present study sets out to examine the writing strategies and the thematic progression used by Bilingual Students of level II, in the Department of Bilingual Studies. In a bid to achieve the said aim, Self-Regulated Learning Theory propounded by Soviet and American psychologists (1960-1980) was used as the theoretical foundation for the study. Thus the population chosen for the purpose of this research output was made up of fifty (50) Level II students from the department of Bilingual Studies, among which twenty-eight (28) were BIF (Bilingue Francophone) and twenty-two (22) from BIA (Bilingue Anglophone). The study revealed that Bilingual II students employ a variety of strategies so as to achieve successful writing. BIF students tended to rely more on indirect strategies such as metacognitive, social and affective strategies in order to produce successful writing. Moreover, they applied compensation strategies in order to overcome their linguistic shortage to produce coherent texts, contrary to the BIA students who mostly applied direct strategies, as a result of their exposure to the English language since their early age. Concerning the Thematic Progression, it was observed that the majority of the writers decided to organize their texts using Constant Theme Progression and derived hypertheme. Finally, the study recommends the use of more compensation, memory, cognitive and metacognitive strategies in order to increase the informants writing abilities and capacities.